What is Content 2 Market (C2M)

Content2Market is a content and partnership driven integrated digital and in-store shopper solutions company.  We build brand wealth by bridging the gap between the digital world and the real world, where your products are actually sold and consumed, connecting consumers at every touch point on their path to purchase!

Engineered by the folks at CPM and The 13thFloor…

Five highly experienced marketing, content and digital media agency owner partners have joined together to create Kitchen Confessions, the most advanced content based, integrated digital to retail marketing program of its kind.



Content2Market’s senior marketing, promotion and sales executives have multi-decade Fortune 500 corporate and agency management experience ranging across Packaged Goods (Coca-Cola, P&G, Campbell’s, Dial, Georgia Pacific, Kellogg, Kraft, Nestle, P&G, Lever, Clorox, Nestlé, Diamond Foods, Frito Lay, etc.) Financial (Chase, Citibank), Automotive (Mazda, Dodge, Michelin), Telecom (Verizon and Comcast) and beyond.

Our team of seasoned developers of shopper marketing, account specific activation, and shopper marketing insights has collectively planned and executed hundreds of highly successful, national, consumer driven powerful partnership content and retail activation programs for over fifty major brands. Our partners have implemented programs across virtually every major grocery retailer in the U.S., achieving significant sales, distribution, and share gains for partner brands.



Our Content Production arm, 13TH Floor Studios, has over 10 years of experience in delivering effective solutions to our client’s business challenges by developing unique, culturally relevant and compelling, sustainable content that connects and inspires consumers across broadcast and web based platforms.

We offer state of the art in-house TV/Video production, with recording and filming, on location or at our own studios and soundstage. 13th Floor Production and Post Production facilities are headquartered in San Antonio, TX with additional production resources in the US (NY, Miami, Texas) as well as several Hispanic Market locations (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Barcelona, Costa Rica), enabling us to stay on the leading edge of international trends.

13th Floor produces over 300 videos annually, in addition to TV, radio and music content in the US, Brazil, and Latin America for major brands such as Dawn, Crisco, Cheerios, Kleenex, Pepsi, Bud Light, Jeep/Dodge, Chevrolet, as well as major networks including MSN and Telemundo.



Kitchen Confessions digital media team are proven innovators in applications of new and emerging technological and social media advancements and trends. We work closely with the leading Communications/MVNO sector technological think tanks and opinion leaders in the world. This enables us to deliver the greatest impact with the most efficient spend for our clients, in meeting their individual brand goals and objectives.

The technology team seeks ways to make sure your brand is present in the digital and mobile world, helping brands achieve and maintain contemporary relevance. We ensure you are fully optimized for SEO, that you are mobile, and enabling – not just with your digital campaigns, but advertising as well.

In today’s competitive environment it is no longer enough to simply drive consumers to your website. Content2Market dimensionalizes your brand’s unique identity and presence through the application of state of the art analytic tools and the creation of highly engaging, relevant content.